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The list below is just a few of the jobs we offer. Please call us at 928-704-9288 or fill out the Contact Us form to inquire about available opportunities.

Project Estimator

Capable of performing site work takeoff’s manually or electronically. Must be able to estimate dirt quantities as well as all utilities. 4 years minimum experience.


Capable of managing all phases of construction. Directly responsible for all jobsite safety and coordinates all manpower and materials. 5 years minimum experience.

Site Foreman

Responsible for all aspects of site grading. Capable of managing man power, equipment and logistics. 5 years minimum experience.

Grade Checker

Able to direct and monitor cuts, fills & slope control. To control in all aspect of grading from the existing grades at the start to the finished product. 4 years minimum experience.

Pipe Foreman

Responsible for all phases of pipe installation and safety. 4 years minimum experience.

Equipment Operators

Excavators, back-hoe, mini excavator, loaders, dozers, scrapers, water pull. 3 years minimum experience.


Pipe layers for water, sewer, storm drain and dry utilities. 1 year minimum experience.


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